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  • ‘Power Rangers’ Marathon Happening Now on Twitch

    ‘Power Rangers’ Marathon Happening Now on Twitch

    As you are probably aware, there’s a new Power Rangers movie coming out, but unlike the Power Rangers of our youth, these new kids don’t appear to have to share the screen with re-purposed Japanese kaiju footage, which is a huge miscalculation in my opinion. Luckily for me, and for all the other Mighty Morphin […]

  • ‘Power Rangers’ International Trailer (Video)

    ‘Power Rangers’ International Trailer (Video)

    There’s no point in trying to avoid it, since you know you’re gonna end up watching it anyway.  It’s Power Rangers, the big-screen reboot that proves that no fondly remembered 1990s TV property is too silly or low-rent to get a ponderous cinematic adaptation. Now, a new international trailer for the movie has been released, […]