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  • Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer

    Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer

    Thanks to Instagram and other similar services, the art of making photographs look like old Polaroids has been perfected, while¬†actually printing them out has been a little trickier. But a new gadget from (who else?) Polaroid aims to make the process as simple as it was in the old days with the Polaroid Zip, an […]

  • Photojojo Disposable Camera App (Video)

    Photojojo Disposable Camera App (Video)

    I’m old enough to remember a time before omnipresent digital cameras, and one of my fondest memories from that era is taking a disposable camera with me on field trips or vacations. ¬†There’s just something exciting about the whole disposable camera ethos, which is exactly what the people at Photojojo are trying to recapture with […]

  • ChargeCard Smartphone Charger Gets Wide Release

    ChargeCard Smartphone Charger Gets Wide Release

    More than a year ago, we told you about the ChargeCard. The Kickstarter-funded product is a portable credit-card-sized device that can connect your iPhone or Android smartphone to your computer via its USB drive. What that means is that you can charge your smartphone without having to deal with a tangled cord that can get […]