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  • “Daydreaming”: Radiohead Drops Another Video, Announces Album (Video)

    “Daydreaming”: Radiohead Drops Another Video, Announces Album (Video)

    With the release of “Burn the Witch” this week, most Radiohead fans (or Radioheads, as I assume many of them must identify themselves) knew there was more in the recent future from the band. And so it is, with “Daydreaming,” another song/video pairing, this one directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and accompanied by the official […]

  • ‘Inherent Vice’: “Paranoia” Trailer Drops (Video)

    ‘Inherent Vice’: “Paranoia” Trailer Drops (Video)

    Almost everyone is familiar with paranoia as a side-effect of a certain popular recreational substance, but there was a time in the United States, not too long ago, when it was a side-effect of simply being alive. That’s the era being explored in the latest trailer for the upcoming Paul Thomas Anderson movie Inherent Vice. […]

  • ‘Inherent Vice’ Gets First Trailer (Video)

    ‘Inherent Vice’ Gets First Trailer (Video)

    The latest film from Paul Thomas Anderson, Inherent Vice, is opening in less than three months, but its promotional campaign has been very restrained, at least compared to most Hollywood marketing blitzes we have to deal with nowadays. The first trailer for the movie only recently dropped, and without any advanced fanfare—of course, it doesn’t […]