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  • TASER Pulse Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapon

    TASER Pulse Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapon

    We’re one step closer to the future promised by millions of scifi TV shows, books, and movies, when traditional guns are replaced by much cooler laser pulse weapons instead. In a lot of those stories, those ray guns and laser weapons are even more dangerous than our pistols and assault rifles are, incinerating hapless victims […]

  • SALT Non-Lethal Self-Defense Gun

    SALT Non-Lethal Self-Defense Gun

    Guns are a hot issue in the United States right now, with one segment of the population claiming that they’re necessary to defend yourself from all kinds of potential threats, from home invaders to government soldiers. But what if you could defend your home with a weapon that doesn’t kill, but instead incapacitates? It’s an […]