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  • New Balance MRL 996 FK “Camo” Pack (Photos)

    New Balance MRL 996 FK “Camo” Pack (Photos)

    Camouflage is big in the worlds of sneakers and fashion in general right now, which means you’re seeing it splashed all over pretty much every available surface area that brands and designers can find. But the people at New Balance have opted for a more subtle, restrained approach to the popular colorway, with the New […]

  • New Balance 1400 Olive: Inspired by ‘Catch 22’ (Photos)

    New Balance 1400 Olive: Inspired by ‘Catch 22’ (Photos)

    Sneaker brand New Balance has something in its arsenal called the “Great Novel” collection, which takes inspiration from great novels and uses it to make sneakers. And so we have the Olive New Balance 1400, a sneaker explicitly said by New Balance to be inspired by the iconic 1961 novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. I’m […]

  • New Balance M1500 “Gentleman” Pack

    New Balance M1500 “Gentleman” Pack

    Are you a gentleman? Do you want to be a gentleman? Then you may want to take a look at this new duo of New Balance M1500 colorways known as the “Gentleman” pack.  In fact, you might want to take a look even if you aren’t much of a gentleman. True to its name, the […]

  • New Balance and Capsule Release Collaboration Teaser (Video)

    New Balance and Capsule Release Collaboration Teaser (Video)

    Canadian sneaker retailer Capsule has never collaborated with sneaker brand New Balance before, and the two entities are making the most out of their new partnership right off the bat. That means squeezing the maximum amount of publicity out of their union, in the form of a short video teaser in advance of more info […]

  • New Balance M998HL Made in USA

    New Balance M998HL Made in USA

    The New Balance line of sneakers that are made in the United States of America continued with this new version of the popular M998HL. The fourth of July was last week, but this colorway will possibly re-energize your feelings of patriotism and love for the US of A, even if you don’t live there. That […]

  • New Balance CT300 Returns (Video)

    New Balance CT300 Returns (Video)

    The New Balance CT300 is back, thanks to the combined efforts of not just NB but UK sneaker retailers like Sneakersnstuff, 24 Kilates, Hanon, and Firmament, all of which are putting out special collaborative editions of the CT300 for the summer of 2014. All of the sneakers in the new New Balance CT300 pack are […]

  • Tomorrowland x New Balance MRL996RT Sneaker

    Tomorrowland x New Balance MRL996RT Sneaker

    Japanese retailer Tomorrowland is teaming up with New Balance for a special edition of the latter’s MRL996 sneaker in honor of NB’s 25th anniversary. The MRL996RT is panther-like, with its mostly-black upper that includes a few scant hits of grey. And it’s wrapped in various shades of leather inside and out, including a premium taupe […]

  • New Balance “Camo Pack”

    New Balance “Camo Pack”

    Not content to just wrap its flagship ML574 sneaker in camouflage, the folks at New Balance have thrown their ML501 out into the wilderness as well with the newest iteration of their “Camo Pack.” The New Balance “Camo Pack” includes two camouflaged 574s, as well as a new camo-wrapped 501 for good measure. Besides the […]

  • Street Detail: Adam P in theT-Dot

    Street Detail: Adam P in theT-Dot

    Name: Adam Palozzi Occupation: Electrician Home Base: Toronto Shirt: Superdry Hat: New Era Glasses: Prada Jeans: Paige Jeans Shoes: New Balance What’s your favorite menswear trend: The only better combo than a baseball cap and running shoes is a Big Mac and fries. Favorite menswear blog: RefinedGuy.com Favorite brands: Nike When I was 13, I […]