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  • “Mean Tweets – President Obama Edition #2” (Video)

    “Mean Tweets – President Obama Edition #2” (Video)

    More than a year and a half ago, President Barack Obama made his “Mean Tweets” debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Now, he’s back for “Mean Tweets – President Obama Edition #2,” which should be a treat for everyone who’s enjoying Obama’s final months in office and his attendant carefree attitude. The lede in most publications […]

  • ‘Porn Stars Read Mean Comments’ From PornHub (Video)

    ‘Porn Stars Read Mean Comments’ From PornHub (Video)

    You’re probably familiar with Jimmy Kimmel’s popular “Mean Tweets” segment, which has big celebrities firing up their smartphones and reading the meanest (well, OK, probably not the actual meanest) things the Twittersphere has to say about them. Now, porn site PornHub is trotting out a similar idea with┬áPorn Stars Read Mean Comments, but it just […]