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  • ‘Madden NFL 19’ Official Reveal Trailer (Video)

    ‘Madden NFL 19’ Official Reveal Trailer (Video)

    Another year, another edition of the beloved Madden NFL franchise is here. It’s Madden NFL 19, naturally, and there’s a brand new official reveal trailer for the game now online. Because I’m at a loss about what to say about a game series that’s been this ubiquitous for this long, here’s some promotional copy: “Madden 19 challenges you […]

  • ‘Madden 17’: Upcoming Game Trailer (Video)

    ‘Madden 17’: Upcoming Game Trailer (Video)

    Video game franchises don’t come much more long-lived or beloved than the Madden series. Every year a new version comes around with more advanced gameplay and graphics, updated team rosters and stadiums, and each one is just as essential as the last. Now we have a trailer for Madden 17 courtesy of the E3 conference […]