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  • Prepd Pack: “The Lunchbox Reimagined” (Video)

    Prepd Pack: “The Lunchbox Reimagined” (Video)

    Lunchbox options for a mature adult tend to be few and far between: There’s the elegant heartbreak of a brown bag, the arrested adolescence of a licensed lunchbox (with Batman or Han Solo or someone on it), or the “why bother” vibe of one of those insulated lunch containers. Now, there’s a fourth option: The […]

  • Munch Ado Mystery Meals Delivered

    Munch Ado Mystery Meals Delivered

    Restaurant site Munch Ado offers a host of features for hungry users, but their most intriguing is the new Munch Ado Mystery Meals function, which delivers a surprise meal to your door based on a handful of simple questions. And that’s where it starts to get weird. Instead of asking you stuff like “what are […]