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  • Booze Dogs: Liquor-Infused Bratwurst

    Booze Dogs: Liquor-Infused Bratwurst

    Usually when someone calls someone else a “booze dog,” it’s meant as an insult, as in “wake up, you blasted booze dog,” etc. But now the phrase is a brand name as well: Booze Dogs, a new line of liquor-infused bratwursts. And the bratwursts are sold by their own canine mascot: “Step into the world of […]

  • NEAT Glass: Optimize Your Liquor

    NEAT Glass: Optimize Your Liquor

    True liquor aficionados (otherwise known in some circles as “alcoholics”) know that it’s not just what you’re drinking that counts, but how you’re drinking it that can make the difference between a one-of-a-kind alcohol experience and just another bender. The NEAT Glass is a drinking glass that’s scientifically engineered to optimize everything you drink out […]

  • Elixir Mini Bar: Alcohol At Arm’s Reach (Photos)

    Elixir Mini Bar: Alcohol At Arm’s Reach (Photos)

    The average liquor cabinet is kept a tasteful distance from the couch and guests. But tradition is often a pair of handcuffs, and there’s a good way to break free of this particular tradition: Buying an Elixir Mini Bar from CB2 for your house or apartment. The Elixir Mini Bar is built from acacia wood […]

  • The 21 Drunkest Countries on Earth

    The 21 Drunkest Countries on Earth

    Every year on St. Patrick’s Day people in North America pretend to be Irish by getting wasted, because that’s how they picture Ireland—a magical place with sheep and wool sweaters where people are plastered and jolly pretty much all the time. But do the Irish really consume so much alcohol so as to be worthy of an entire […]

  • The 15 Most Valuable Liquor Brands in the World

    The 15 Most Valuable Liquor Brands in the World

    When it comes to enjoying a good drink, the brand of the liquor doesn’t matter. If anything, with certain libations—whiskey, for example—you’re actually better off going with the smaller, lesser-known brands than the big ones everybody knows. Of course, when it comes to making money off people enjoying a good drink, the opposite is true. […]

  • 13 Great Drinking Apps

    13 Great Drinking Apps

    For thousands of years, human beings have managed to get drunk with just some booze and a cup. We never needed any fancy technological devices to aid, enhance, or hasten the process of getting inebriated, and if we’re going to be perfectly honest, we still don’t. That being said, there are ways that technology can make […]

  • 11 Drinks You Can Have Without Ruining Your Fitness Routine

    11 Drinks You Can Have Without Ruining Your Fitness Routine

    In general, drinking and staying fit do not go hand in hand. Alcoholic beverages, you may be surprised to hear, contain calories, sugar, and carbs, and when you consume them in excess they can really derail your fitness regimen. (You do have a fitness regimen, don’t you?) Fortunately, there is a simple way to break […]

  • 39 Awesome Flasks

    39 Awesome Flasks

    In an ideal world, a proper gentleman would always keep his drinking classy, only taking his libations in the comfort of someone’s home or one of those fancy bars with wood paneling. But this isn’t an ideal world. Sometimes even the most sophisticated man needs to take his whiskey to go. And on those occasions, […]

  • 25 Dirty Beer Names

    25 Dirty Beer Names

    The recent boom in the craft brewing industry has been good in more ways than one. Not only do we now have a large array of flavorful beers to choose from almost anywhere we go; we also get beers with more interesting labels and some pretty creative names. Of course, since even the craft brewing […]