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  • Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

    Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

    Over the course of a soldier‘s life, he or she comes across myriad weapons and tools necessary to his or her survival. The latest is the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork, which combines the skewering power of the fork with the scooping function of a spoon, as well as the multi-purpose cutting power of a serrated knife […]

  • Ka-Bar Snody Crisis Card

    Ka-Bar Snody Crisis Card

    Maybe this is just because I live in a spoiled, credit-is-king society, but when I hear the words “crisis” and “card” together, my mind jumps to an emergency credit card or something similar. But even though the Ka-Bar Snody Crisis Card is roughly the size of a credit card, it’s not something you can use […]