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  • ‘The Meg’: Jason Statham vs A Giant Shark (Trailer)

    ‘The Meg’: Jason Statham vs A Giant Shark (Trailer)

    I knew Hollywood was notorious for recycling old concepts, but the megalodon — having been thought extinct for almost two million years — really takes the cake. Sorry, but something about The Meg just seems to encourage making corny jokes like that, since it appears to be an old-school monster thriller featuring a cast of stars including […]

  • ‘Furious 7’ Gets First Trailer (Video)

    ‘Furious 7’ Gets First Trailer (Video)

    The Fast and Furious franchise was in jeopardy for a while after the death of star Paul Walker, but it quickly became evident that the series was too strong to stop just because a piece of the core ensemble was gone. Now, the first trailer for the latest installment, titled Furious 7, has hit the […]

  • PROMO: “Parker” Presents: The Art of the Heist

    PROMO: “Parker” Presents: The Art of the Heist

    Scheming the perfect heist takes a lot of creativity, and Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez are set to demonstrate just that in their upcoming film, Parker.  But first they want to see you show off a bit of your creativity by creating the best piece of artwork that evokes the spirit of the film.  It […]