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  • ‘Batman vs IT’ Fan-Made Trailer (Video)

    ‘Batman vs IT’ Fan-Made Trailer (Video)

    Oh no, Pennywise, the killer clown and embodiment of every childhood fear, is attacking the town of Derry, Maine once again. Quick, who is someone who has experience fighting evil clowns? Why of course, Batman – and now you know the basic idea behind the fan-made Batman vs IT trailer. The Batman in question here […]

  • ‘Stephen King’s IT: Why Clowns Scare Us’ Video Essay (Video)

    ‘Stephen King’s IT: Why Clowns Scare Us’ Video Essay (Video)

    I don’t think it really requires an academic explanation, given that anybody who’s ever seen a clown understands what makes them extremely creepy (in the right context, that is – I have no wish to denigrate actual benevolent clowns, who have suffered enough this century). Nevertheless, the question does have some interest, and the people […]

  • ‘IT’ Official Teaser Trailer (Video)

    ‘IT’ Official Teaser Trailer (Video)

    Stephen King‘s IT has to be one of the author’s most famous works, thanks in part to the iconic TV miniseries adapted from it. Now it’s (or should that be IT’s) back for another round, and the IT official teaser trailer has made its way to the murderous sewer known as the internet. The IT […]