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  • OMATA One Analog GPS Speedometer

    OMATA One Analog GPS Speedometer

    There’s no shortage of devices for tracking speed (and distance, and calories burned, and texts received, and Facebook alerts, and on and on and on) while you bike, but most of them contribute to the overall culture of information overload that can be detrimental to exercise. OMATA ONE is a bike speedometer that only focuses on […]

  • Nicetrails: 3D-Printed Mountain Mementos

    Nicetrails: 3D-Printed Mountain Mementos

    When you climb a mountain, what can you really take home afterward? Unless it’s the Aggro Crag, any rocks you get up at the top are probably just going to look like rocks, and photos and videos can only convey so much. Luckily, now there are Nicetrails, 3D-printed mountains for just this situation. Nicetrails work […]

  • Arrow Smart-Kart From Actev Motors

    Arrow Smart-Kart From Actev Motors

    Kids in 2016 can’t be expected to just ride around in a go-kart without important push notifications and GPS navigation, which is why the people at Actev Motors have wisely developed the Arrow Smart-Kart, for today’s plugged-in children. The Actev Arrow Smart-Kart boasts built-in WiFi and GPS tracking, and the included app allows parents to […]

  • Néit Luggage: “World’s First Smart, Collapsible, Hard Case”

    Néit Luggage: “World’s First Smart, Collapsible, Hard Case”

    Hard case luggage has its advantages and disadvantages compared to more conventional suitcases and bags, and one of the latter can be that it’s difficult to store when it’s not being used. Néit luggage sidesteps this problem with its collapsible structure, with smart GPS tracking technology to boot. Néit can make up to 70% of its […]

  • Pod: The GPS Pet Tracker

    Pod: The GPS Pet Tracker

    One of the primary anxieties associated with pet ownership is the fear that your pet will somehow get lost and you’ll never be able to find it. Pod is a product that seems designed specifically to counter that anxiety, since it’s a small, durable GPS pet tracker that you can attach to your pet’s collar. […]

  • Radmo Phone Mount Works Without Suction Cups

    Radmo Phone Mount Works Without Suction Cups

    Cell phones have been around for decades now, but we’ve yet to completely crack what we’re supposed to do with them in the car. Smartphones usually come with a “driving mode” that facilitates safer operation of essential functions (like GPS navigation) and text messaging by voice, but what about where to physically put your phone […]

  • Garmin Wearable Vivo Line (Video)

    Garmin Wearable Vivo Line (Video)

    The GPS tech people at Garmin kind of got left high and dry when everybody got smartphones, leaving no reason to buy GPS navigators anymore. But they’re trying to keep up anyway, with a new line of wearable GPS bracelets, the Vivofit and the Vivosmart. The Vivofit is a pretty upscale activity tracker, counting steps, […]

  • Silent Beacon: Wearable Emergency Alert System and Tracker (Video)

    Silent Beacon: Wearable Emergency Alert System and Tracker (Video)

    When you’re out there in the world, you never quite know what’s going to happen to you. There are lots of different ways to prepare yourself for unpleasant contingencies, and one of them is in the midst of a fundraising campaign: The Silent Beacon. The Silent Beacon is a small accessory that links up to […]

  • VCXO “Magic Button” Watch Collection (Video)

    VCXO “Magic Button” Watch Collection (Video)

    There’s something inherently pleasurable, especially in today’s digital world, about a watch with an old-fashioned mechanical movement. But the downside to such a watch is that you’re dependent on some other timepiece to set the time, which can also be a difficult process (unless you have really tiny fingers). The VCXO “Magic Button” collection, which […]

  • Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch

    Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch

    It is apparently a great time to be alive if you’re a fan of specialty watches. The latest is the Garmin Approach S6, a smart golf watch that Garmin says is their lightest and slimmest, among its other pretty impressive features. Those features combine those of two other pre-existing products – watches with GPS capabilities […]