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  • Lykan Hypersport Makes ‘Furious 7’ Cameo (Video)

    Lykan Hypersport Makes ‘Furious 7’ Cameo (Video)

    The Lykan Hypersport is one of the most coveted automobiles on planet Earth, with a grand total of only seven in existence and a $3.4 million price tag that marks it as the most expensive car on Earth. Numerological types will notice the synchronicity between its seven units and the upcoming Furious 7, but even without that it’s […]

  • ‘Furious 7’ Gets First Trailer (Video)

    ‘Furious 7’ Gets First Trailer (Video)

    The Fast and Furious franchise was in jeopardy for a while after the death of star Paul Walker, but it quickly became evident that the series was too strong to stop just because a piece of the core ensemble was gone. Now, the first trailer for the latest installment, titled Furious 7, has hit the […]