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  • “Fly Swatter”: New Nike Ad Featuring Roger Federer (Video)

    “Fly Swatter”: New Nike Ad Featuring Roger Federer (Video)

    Nike is promoting its Free Trainer 5.0 with a new commercial starring tennis great Roger Federer. The commercial takes the form of a grudge match between Federer and an annoying fly. The ad, aptly titled “Fly Swatter,” makes good use of Federer’s famed footwork abilities, and is pretty funny to boot. As for whether it’s […]

  • Nike Free Trainer 5.0 (Video)

    Nike Free Trainer 5.0 (Video)

    Nike’s Free Trainer 5.0 is being billed as “one of the most versatile training shoes,” and that versatility extends from its performance to its more cosmetic style elements, as its unique look would fit in just about anywhere physical activity happens. The designers of the Nike Free Trainer 5.0, Laura Parrett and Jeff Rasmussen, were […]