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  • Byredo Travel Knife: Knife Around in Opulence

    Byredo Travel Knife: Knife Around in Opulence

    Ben Gorham’s Byredo company previously specialized in things like perfume or scented candles, but the brand has released a new travel collection that places a much higher premium on functionality and usefulness, and one of the highlights is the Byredo Travel Knife. The Byredo Travel Knife is different from a typical folding knife in ways […]

  • WKRMN ‘Star Wars’ Knives (Photos)

    WKRMN ‘Star Wars’ Knives (Photos)

    If you’re hoping to start knifin’ around with your favorite Star Wars characters in the near future, design firm WKRMN has a line of cutlery in the works that will help you to do just that. And WKRMN Star Wars knives are a lot safer than trying to convert your own kitchen knives to Star […]