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  • Ne.Sense Fall/Winter 2014 “Outcast” Lookbook (Photos)

    Ne.Sense Fall/Winter 2014 “Outcast” Lookbook (Photos)

    New fashion retailer Ne.Sense (which is a shortened version of the company’s full name, Necessity Sense) is opening their first store in Taipei next month, and to promote it they’ve gone full-on Lawrence of Arabia with a fall/winter 2014 lookbook entitled “Outcast.” The Ne.Sense 2014 fall/winter “Outcast” lookbook shows what the shop’s inaugural slate of […]

  • ‘Filler’: A Short Film From New York Fashion Label Public School (Video)

    ‘Filler’: A Short Film From New York Fashion Label Public School (Video)

    New York’s Public School (the fashion label, not the educational system) have come out with a new collection for the fall and winter of 2014. And to promote that collection, they’ve gone down the “arty short film” route with Filler, a two-minute black and white piece featuring Public School styles. The whole vibe of Filler, […]

  • Penfield Autumn/Winter 2014 Lookbook (Photos)

    Penfield Autumn/Winter 2014 Lookbook (Photos)

    When it starts to get colder outside is when outdoor clothing becomes even more important, so there’s a good chance that the Penfield autumn/winter 2014 lookbook will be of interest to you. The Penfield autumn/winter 2014 collection showcased by the brand’s recent lookbook includes an array of functional, durable, and (of course) warm outdoor pieces […]

  • “Joyride”: Supreme’s New Skate Video Drops

    “Joyride”: Supreme’s New Skate Video Drops

    Skate brand Supreme has released a new skate video in conjunction with their fall/winter 2014 collection. It’s called “Joyride,” directed by Sage Elsesser, himself a skater, and features Supreme skaters like Jason Dill, Lucien Clarke, and Mark Gonzales doing what they do best in a highly entertaining fashion. Naturally, everybody in Supreme’s “Joyride” skate video […]

  • Casa Nostra Sunglasses Collection From SUPER (Photos)

    Casa Nostra Sunglasses Collection From SUPER (Photos)

    RETROSUPERFUTURE (or just SUPER for short) have unveiled their new collection of sunglasses for the fall and winter season of 2014. It’s called the “Casa Nostra” sunglasses collection, and that’s far from where the lineup of shades’ Italian influences end. The old country can be felt throughout every piece in SUPER’s fall/winter 2014 “Casa Nostra” […]

  • Kate Moss Appears On 4 Different ‘AnOther’ Magazine Covers (Photos)

    Kate Moss Appears On 4 Different ‘AnOther’ Magazine Covers (Photos)

    Most working models would probably give up their mothers’ social security numbers to score a magazine cover, but Kate Moss has managed to snag four in one month, all under the same publication. It’s AnOther, which for their fall and winter 2014 issue has come up with four variant covers, all featuring a different photo […]

  • NEIGHBORHOOD Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

    NEIGHBORHOOD Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

      Fashion label NEIGHBORHOOD is back for the fall and winter of 2014, and they’ve brought a new lookbook showcasing their fall/winter 2014 collection with them. The lookbook mixes together a variety of different visual styles, with interior and exterior shots, and color blended with black and white. As for the collection itself, the NEIGHBORHOOD […]

  • Supreme Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

    Supreme Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

      One of the big streetwear events every year is the release of the Supreme seasonal lookbooks. The lookbook for the fall and winter of 2014 is no different, and it features British skateboarder Lucien Clarke modeling the brand’s newest collection of styles. Those styles range from outerwear, like the B-3 Shearling Jacket and the […]

  • Stussy Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook Shot In Cuba (Photos)

    Stussy Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook Shot In Cuba (Photos)

      Apparently someone forgot to tell the fashion police about the Cuba embargo, because Stussy traveled there for its fall/winter 2014 lookbook. Or, more accurately, photographer Francesco Giusti traveled there on Stussy’s behalf to capture some pretty great images of people in Cuba wearing the new Stussy styles. The images are in stark, Soy Cuba […]