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  • EGO Power+ String Trimmer

    EGO Power+ String Trimmer

    We’re getting into peak yard maintenance season now that winter is finally going away. And if you have (or have ever had) a lawn to maintain, you know that gas-powered yard tools are loud and annoying, just to name two of their more notable qualities. The EGO is different, though, being powered by a lithium-ion […]

  • The EGO-Compact Semi Submarine

    The EGO-Compact Semi Submarine

    In the market for a personal mini-submarine? Consider the EGO-Compact Semi Submarine, which gives you the ability to explore undersea habitats as well as chill out under the sun. Of course, calling the EGO a “submarine” is an exaggeration (hence the “semi” qualifier), because you won’t be able to explore any deep ocean areas with […]