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  • ShiftWear: Customizable E-Paper Sneakers

    ShiftWear: Customizable E-Paper Sneakers

    If you think sneaker designs are outrageous now, just wait until e-paper becomes applicable, and sneaker designers will no longer be limited to splashes of color and sculpted forms. ┬áRather, sneakers will be able to change appearances at an instant, and even animations will be possible. That’s the concept behind ShiftWear, a new sneaker brand […]

  • FES Watch With Electronic Paper Display and Band

    FES Watch With Electronic Paper Display and Band

    The cool thing about electronic paper is that it can be shaped into anything an inventor might imagine, so the old rules about what goes where in conventional technology don’t really apply. That idea is strongly in evidence in the FES Watch, an e-paper watch finally released to the public following a crowdfunding campaign last […]