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  • Sushi Donuts: The Latest Food-Hybrid Trend

    Sushi Donuts: The Latest Food-Hybrid Trend

    Everybody loves donuts. Almost everybody loves sushi. But it took a sushi-obsessed Instagram user by the handle ‘So Beautifully Raw’ to figure out how to put the two together. And so we have Sushi Donuts, the latest hybrid food trend. Sushi Donuts are sushi creations made to look like donuts, rather than the other way […]

  • Stance ‘Donuts’ 10th Anniversary Socks

    Stance ‘Donuts’ 10th Anniversary Socks

    Ten years ago next week saw the release of J Dilla’s Donuts, basically the Blackstar of instrumental hip-hop, released mere days before Dilla’s untimely death at 32. Now, the socksmiths at Stance are releasing a limited edition collection: the Stance Donuts 10th anniversary socks. Stance Donuts 10th anniversary socks take the donut aesthetic to literal […]