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  • ‘Marvel Rising: Initiation’ Official Trailer (Video)

    ‘Marvel Rising: Initiation’ Official Trailer (Video)

    This weekend is San Diego Comic-Con, which means you can probably depend on a raft of promotional materials from all the major media companies, Marvel right there among them. But there’s a new trailer for an upcoming animated series from the House of Ideas out ahead of SDCC, and it’s called Marvel Rising: Initiation. Here’s the […]

  • ‘DuckTales’ Teaser Hits the Internet (Video)

    ‘DuckTales’ Teaser Hits the Internet (Video)

    It’s been pretty close to two years since news of a new version of popular animated series DuckTales hit the internet. A lot has happened since then, but if you’re one of the faithful you never lost hope that new adventures of Huey, Dewey, and Louie were on the way.  And now, your sincerity has […]

  • ‘DuckTales’ Is Returning to TV in 2017

    ‘DuckTales’ Is Returning to TV in 2017

    In the realm of children’s animated TV from the late 80s, DuckTales is like Casablanca or Citizen Kane – revered and respected almost to the point of absurdity. So it’s a brave endeavor indeed to bring it back for the 21st century, which is exactly what Disney is planning on doing. The DuckTales reboot won’t hit Disney XD until 2017, but […]

  • Donald Glover’s Voice Finally Gets Cast as Spider-Man (Video)

    Donald Glover’s Voice Finally Gets Cast as Spider-Man (Video)

    There’s been a sizable contingent of people who’ve been praying, begging, and pleading for Community alum Donald Glover to be cast as Miles Morales, the alter-ego of Spider-Man in an adaptation of Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man comic. And their wish has come true—if Glover voicing the character in an animated TV series based on the comic […]