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  • Pencil Dice: Pencils You Can Gamble With

    Pencil Dice: Pencils You Can Gamble With

    In my many years as an old-timey con artist and huckster I have sought to find some manner of practical usage for my pocket full of dice. Unfortunately, none seems to exist, and dice only exist for the devil’s handiwork. However, I was looking at the problem all wrong, and it turns out it’s a […]

  • Ti Dice: “The Strongest Dice on Earth”

    Ti Dice: “The Strongest Dice on Earth”

    Dice, by the very nature of their existence, have a pretty rough time, constantly getting thrown around and knocked together over the course of whatever game they’re being used for. And yet, most dice are made out of cheap plastic or ceramics, and as such they don’t stand a chance against Ti Dice. Ti Dice […]

  • Boogie-Dice Literally Roll Themselves

    Boogie-Dice Literally Roll Themselves

    We have reached the latest, greatest plateau of technological advancement. It’s Boogie-Dice, dice that come equipped with vibration motors, LEDs, tilt sensors, and rechargeable batteries, and even a couple of microphones. Most of this hardware gets packed into the dice for one simple reason: They’re sound-activated and self-rolling! That’s right, Boogie-Dice roll themselves if you […]

  • NEIGHBORHOOD x ‘DicE’ Fall 2013 Collection Lookbook

    NEIGHBORHOOD x ‘DicE’ Fall 2013 Collection Lookbook

    A while back we brought you word of an upcoming capsule collection from NEIGHBORHOOD and the magazine DicE. The news came with an accompanying preview video, but now we’re able to bring you an actual lookbook, shot during production of the video. The NEIGHBORHOOD x DicE fall 2013 capsule collection is showcased to great effect […]

  • NEIGHBORHOOD x ‘DicE’ Collaboration Preview (Video)

    NEIGHBORHOOD x ‘DicE’ Collaboration Preview (Video)

    Streetwear label NEIGHBORHOOD and magazine DicE are putting together a collaborative collection of styles that should please fans of unusual capitalization, at the very least. Now, a preview video for the upcoming NEIGHBORHOOD x DicE collaborative collection has hit the internet, featuring the sounds of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and one of the most popular […]