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  • No More Voicemail App Eliminates Voicemail

    No More Voicemail App Eliminates Voicemail

    Of all the myriad communication options we have in the year 2016, the most controversial is probably voicemail. Some believe that leaving a voicemail when they don’t pick up the phone is a perfectly acceptable way to provide information and to set up a future conversation, while others would rather shove hot nails into their […]

  • Roger Communication App

    Roger Communication App

    Most of us probably remember the bad old days of Nextel, where you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing that annoying chirp-chirp sound followed by some unintelligible squawking from someone’s cell phone. You might have thought those days were over, but a new app from the people who brought us Spotify is bringing back the convenience […]

  • Emoji Keyboard From EmojiWorks (Video)

    Emoji Keyboard From EmojiWorks (Video)

    It had to happen eventually – now, should you so choose, you have the ability to communicate exclusively by emojis as quickly and efficiently as you can with regular typing. It’s the Emoji Keyboard by EmojiWorks. The Emoji Keyboard, it should be pointed out, can be used as a regular keyboard too, but honestly what’s […]