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  • 9 Awesome Gifts For Retro Gamers

    9 Awesome Gifts For Retro Gamers

    One of the cool things about being friends with really hardcore retro gamers, other than the steady access to classic video games, is that they’re really easy to buy presents for. Pretty much anything related to the world of classic video games will do the trick, in fact. But here are nine particularly awesome gifts […]

  • ’47 Ronin’: Official Trailer Drops (Video)

    ’47 Ronin’: Official Trailer Drops (Video)

    This Christmas, another movie featuring Keanu Reeves fighting various CGI creatures and enemies will hit theaters. It’s called 47 Ronin, based on the ancient Japanese legend, and the trailer for it has just hit the internet. It actually looks pretty cool, provided that you are one of those people who can get past Reeves’ unusual […]