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  • Chanel Boomerang Costs $1,325

    Chanel Boomerang Costs $1,325

    I hate to reveal my ignorance in public but I honestly have no idea what a typical boomerang costs. But I feel pretty safe in my assumption that the Indigenous Australian inventors of the boomerang never envisioned their work being sold as an upscale luxury from Chanel – and I can’t even imagine how they […]

  • Matte Black Chanel J12 Superleggera

    Matte Black Chanel J12 Superleggera

    French high-fashion brand Chanel isn’t known primarily for its watches, but the Chanel J12 Superleggera in matte black is a quality watch that’s both high-performing and stylish. The high performance is guaranteed by the watch’s COSC-Certified ETA 2892 Swiss movement, and the stylishness is there in spades thanks to the matte black colorway and overall […]

  • Brad Pitt Stars In Mysterious Chanel No. 5 Ad Campaign (Videos)

    Brad Pitt Stars In Mysterious Chanel No. 5 Ad Campaign (Videos)

    Actor and movie star Brad Pitt recently achieved the distinction of being the first-ever “male face” for iconic fashion label Chanel. And apparently, part of that job is to ask really vague questions to an audience while his back is turned towards the camera. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? ¬†Well, that description still doesn’t fully capture […]