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  • New Balance MRL 996 FK “Camo” Pack (Photos)

    New Balance MRL 996 FK “Camo” Pack (Photos)

    Camouflage is big in the worlds of sneakers and fashion in general right now, which means you’re seeing it splashed all over pretty much every available surface area that brands and designers can find. But the people at New Balance have opted for a more subtle, restrained approach to the popular colorway, with the New […]

  • adidas Pure Boost “Camo”

    adidas Pure Boost “Camo”

    New from adidas, it’s a new colorway for their adidas Pure Boost sneaker all decked out in the ever-popular camouflage. It’s, simply enough, the adidas Pure Boost “Camo,” the latest in a series of new colorways adidas has developed for the sneaker. The adidas Pure Boost “Camo” is available in either green or navy camouflage, […]

  • Air Jordan 1 “Camo” Custom by CWhitt Customs

    Air Jordan 1 “Camo” Custom by CWhitt Customs

      Another day, another military-inspired custom sneaker. This one is the “Camo” Air Jordan 1 custom from CWhitt Customs, and it’s a pretty sterling example of the form. The CWhitt Customs “Camo” Air Jordan 1 sneaker takes the popular “Camo” print and grafts it onto the classic Jordan 1 silhouette. For a camouflaged sneaker, the […]

  • Nike Roshe Run “Camo”

    Nike Roshe Run “Camo”

    Nike is reportedly prepping a camouflage colorway for their popular Roshe Run sneaker, if recently leaked teaser images are to be believed. The images show a slightly darker version of the camouflage that was previously seen, with less burgundy and greater amounts of khaki. The “Camo” Nike Roshe Run hasn’t been officially announced yet, but […]

  • Nikon Coolpix AW110 Camo Camera

    Nikon Coolpix AW110 Camo Camera

    What is the point of having a fancy digital camera if it can’t be concealed in locales that are dense with vegetation? The people at Nikon must have had a similar thought, as evidenced by their new Coolpix AW110 in camouflage. In addition to the camo, the Coolpix AW110 has WiFi compatibility (in case there’s […]