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  • Netflix Switch Unveiled at World Maker Faire (Video)

    Netflix Switch Unveiled at World Maker Faire (Video)

    If you have a Netflix account, you know that it takes a lot more than a TV and an internet connection to create perfect (dare I say it) “Netflix and chill” conditions. Lighting is important, as is a good supply of food, and an absence of distractions from your smartphone is also a worthwhile factor […]

  • Flic: “The Wireless Smart Button” (Video)

    Flic: “The Wireless Smart Button” (Video)

    Jerry Seinfeld used to do a bit that made me laugh and laugh as a kid, the punchline which (and the part that always sent me into laughing paroxysms) was “where the hell is that button?” This joke might have an increased relevance in the coming years thanks to Flic, a product that is billed […]