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  • Burton x ‘South Park’ Winter Gear

    Burton x ‘South Park’ Winter Gear

    It’s been a while since I was a regular South Park viewer, but my impression is that the sleepy little mountain town is not exactly the most inviting cartoon realm ever to exist. Nevertheless, there are probably a lot of fans out there who wish they could step through that impenetrable threshold, and now the […]

  • Centerfold Snowboards From Burton and ‘Playboy’

    Centerfold Snowboards From Burton and ‘Playboy’

    If you’ve ever wanted to, uh, snowboard on a beautiful almost-naked woman, snowboarding brand Burton and Playboy have just the item for you – Centerfold Snowboards, featuring bowdlerized Playboy centerfolds in snowboard deck form. Tattoo artist Chris Nunez was brought in to add some tasteful graphics to the images in order to make sure you […]

  • G-Shock x Burton GDF-100BTN-1JR

    G-Shock x Burton GDF-100BTN-1JR

    Casio’s G-Shock line is teaming up with Burton for a new digital watch called the GDF-100BTN-1JR, and it’s designed to withstand the pressures of high-altitude mountain climbing in punishing winters. The GDF-100BTN-1JR sports a rugged Cordura strap with a powder blue lining, and it is also features engraved detailing on the face, courtesy of Burton. Right […]