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  • Booze Dogs: Liquor-Infused Bratwurst

    Booze Dogs: Liquor-Infused Bratwurst

    Usually when someone calls someone else a “booze dog,” it’s meant as an insult, as in “wake up, you blasted booze dog,” etc. But now the phrase is a brand name as well: Booze Dogs, a new line of liquor-infused bratwursts. And the bratwursts are sold by their own canine mascot: “Step into the world of […]

  • The 9 Most Expensive Tequilas On Earth

    The 9 Most Expensive Tequilas On Earth

    Tequila is good for pretty much two things: Getting you incredibly, irresponsibly drunk, and impressing people with your vast wealth and good taste. For the former, you can turn to pretty much any tequila. But for the latter, it takes a special breed, one that costs way more money than you should reasonably spend on […]

  • The 25 Worst Beers in the World

    The 25 Worst Beers in the World

    There are lots of lists out there that focus on the best beers in the world. And while those are often informative, the fact is that there are hundreds of delicious brews out there worthy of your consumption, and it really doesn’t matter all that much if a beer is the best. It therefore seems […]

  • 15 Hilarious Hangover Remedies From Around The World

    15 Hilarious Hangover Remedies From Around The World

    Surprisingly, we don’t really have a full scientific understanding of hangovers. Yeah, we understand the basics—dehydration, toxins, electrolytes, and so on—but not well enough to produce a genuine scientific cure. As a result, the world is still full of traditional home remedies for the hangover that vary from culture to culture. Your polish grandma? She’s […]

  • 50 Awesome Alcohol Ads

    50 Awesome Alcohol Ads

    With most products, half the battle when it comes to advertising is convincing people that they actually need the product. (I’m looking at you, Snuggie.) But with booze that’s not the case. Pretty much everybody already wants the stuff. The advertising companies just have to figure out how to make us choose one particular booze […]