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  • CreekKooler: A Cooler for Whatever Floats Your Boat

    CreekKooler: A Cooler for Whatever Floats Your Boat

    New from Kanooler, it’s a cooler designed to accompany you on whatever Deliverance-style river adventures you have planned for this summer. And unlike most coolers, it doesn’t go in the boat with you (where it takes up valuable real estate), but instead is designed to be towed behind. It’s called the CreekKooler. Constructed with dual […]

  • Pakayak: “The Ultimate Packable Kayak”

    Pakayak: “The Ultimate Packable Kayak”

    Laptop: Packable. Pringles: Packable. Smartphone: Eminently packable. Kayak: Not packable. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the Pakayak, which isn’t some hot new Indian fusion dish, but instead “the ultimate packable kayak” that you can take with you almost anywhere. The Pakayak is a standard-size craft 14 feet in length, but unlike a normal kayak […]

  • GoBoat: “Your Personal, Portable Watercraft” (Video)

    GoBoat: “Your Personal, Portable Watercraft” (Video)

    The thing about a boat is that unless it’s some huge yacht, you need other stuff in order to actually use it—a trailer, for one, not to mention a vehicle to attach it to. The GoBoat seeks to circumvent all that extra hassle as a personal, portable watercraft that can be taken pretty much anywhere. […]

  • ORIGO Boat: Foldable and Environmentally Friendly

    ORIGO Boat: Foldable and Environmentally Friendly

    Here’s the thing about boats – no matter how graceful it can cut through the water, it’s almost always a cumbersome, unwieldy mess when it’s outside its aquatic element. But the people at ORIGO have come up with a solution – it’s the ORIGO Boat, a foldable, portable, and environmentally friendly alternative to more traditional […]

  • Aston Martin AM37 Powerboat (Photos)

    Aston Martin AM37 Powerboat (Photos)

    If you can judge a powerboat purely by its pedigree, then one that results from the combined efforts of Aston Martin, Quintessence, and Mulder Design (a firm responsible for designing the impossible boats piloted by Commander James Bond in some of the 007 movies) is worth paying attention to. That’s the case with the Aston […]

  • Aero MVP: Plane, Boat, and Camper In One (Video)

    Aero MVP: Plane, Boat, and Camper In One (Video)

    If you’re anything like me, you’re always having to disembark from your private seaplane to climb on board your private boat, which you then have to get off of in order to reach your camper parked on land. It’s the definition of a hassle, but the people at Aero have finally come up with a […]

  • Kormaran: A Real Transforming Boat

    Kormaran: A Real Transforming Boat

    I don’t know if you saw Transformers: Age of Extinction, but one thing I thought it was missing amidst all the transforming dinosaurs and luxury sports cars was a transforming boat or two – don’t the Autobots ever need to cross over water while in disguise? But now the real world has actually surpassed the […]