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  • Messy Brine Jalabeaño Carrots

    Messy Brine Jalabeaño Carrots

    Carrots: Unless you’re a big Bugs Bunny fan (or you’re actually Bugs Bunny), they’re just not that exciting a food, and the same goes for green beans. But the people at Messy Brine have changed that, with liberal doses of jalapeño, garlic, and other ingredients, to give birth to their Messy Brine Jalabeaño Carrots blend. Messy […]

  • Little Devil Bloody Spice

    Little Devil Bloody Spice

    If you’re looking to cool off this summer with some Bloody Marys, you might want to consider the new Bloody Spice from Little Devil. It works like most Bloody Mary mixes; you mix it with vodka and tomato juice for spicy, alcoholic fun. Also like most Bloody Mary mixes, Little Devil Bloody Spice has Lea […]