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  • ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Official Trailer (Video)

    ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Official Trailer (Video)

    30 years ago, the year 2019 seemed far enough away to set the science-fiction dystopia of Blade Runner in that dramatic sounding year. Incredibly, what used to be a comfortably distant future is now only two years away, and before we know it it’ll be the year of Blade Runner 2049 in real life – […]

  • ‘Blade Runner 2049’: Belated Sequel Gets First Teaser (Video)

    ‘Blade Runner 2049’: Belated Sequel Gets First Teaser (Video)

    It’s been 30 years after the events of Blade Runner, and as appears to be the fashion these days Rick Deckard has gone into hiding after running one last blade. In Blade Runner 2049, a LAPD Officer K (played by Ryan Gosling) has to go find him, and voila, we’ve got ourselves a moving picture. […]