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  • Bridgestone Airless Bicycle Tires

    Bridgestone Airless Bicycle Tires

    Many of you are probably familiar with the conspiracy theory that suggests the technology for airless tires that never need to be refilled or replaced has existed for decades, and the auto industry has suppressed it in order to maintain their profit margins. I only bring it up because of the newly unveiled Bridgestone airless […]

  • Tannus: Bike Tires That Will Never Go Flat

    Tannus: Bike Tires That Will Never Go Flat

    Suppressed by the bicycle industry! Hidden by Big Tire! But now, for the first time, a bike tire that will never go flat is finally available! OK, in truth I don’t actually know if the reality behind the Tannus bicycle tire is anywhere close to being that dramatic, but I do know that, as a […]

  • Patchnride: Fix Busted Bike Tires On the Move (Video)

    Patchnride: Fix Busted Bike Tires On the Move (Video)

    One of the perennial problems with being a bike rider is flat tires. Once they happen, you tend to be stuck, unless you just happen to be near a bicycle repair shop or you have a spare tire handy. But there’s a new product that’s designed to make flat tires an easily solved problem: Patchnride. […]

  • Hjul Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

    Hjul Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

    The Hjul spring/summer 2014 collection is here, and the brand is showing it off in style, modeled by a bearded man who appears to grow his own produce. The collection was designed with a specific focus – to optimize comfort and style for modern urban bicyclists, and includes functional touches to that end. Those touches […]

  • 13 Innovative Bike Gadgets

    13 Innovative Bike Gadgets

    With the arrival of summer weather, using a bike to get around town, whether for work or play, seems like a much better option than it did a few months ago. And why not? It’s cheap, it’s good exercise, and you get to know your surroundings better than when you’re stuck in a car. However, […]

  • Tuf Rack Indestructible Bike Rack

    Tuf Rack Indestructible Bike Rack

    If you’re a bicycle enthusiast, you’ve probably wished to yourself that you had a bike rack that could survive a nuclear blast. Now, you are one step closer to achieving that dream, thanks to the Tuf Rack. Made from laser-cut 16-gauge steel, the Tuf Rack is being billed as an “indestructible” piece of hardware for […]

  • Halo Glowing LED  Sport/Cycling Safety Belt

    Halo Glowing LED Sport/Cycling Safety Belt

    One problem facing nocturnal bicyclists is illumination – it’s practically a requirement as far as safety is concerned, but it’s often a big hassle to lug bike lights around. One potential solution to this problem has arrived in the form of the Halo Belt – a belt that glows and keeps you visible on nighttime […]