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  • ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 4 Teaser (Video)

    ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 4 Teaser (Video)

    Better Call Saul is about to enter its fourth season, and now AMC has released a short yet tantalizing teaser for the show. And according to that teaser, Better Call Saul season 4 will heavily feature America’s favorite chicken joint, Los Pollos Hermanos. Show creator Vince Gilligan recently gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter in which he promises a greater […]

  • ‘Los Pollos Hermanos Employee Training with Gus Fring’ (Video)

    ‘Los Pollos Hermanos Employee Training with Gus Fring’ (Video)

    Gustavo Fring may have been an infamous drug lord and near-psychotic murderer, but to many people in the Albuquerque area he was something else: A good boss. It’s in this capacity that Fring can be seen in a new promotional video for the upcoming new season of Better Call Saul entitled Los Pollos Hermanos Employee […]

  • ‘Better Call Saul’ Series Premiere Trailer (Video)

    ‘Better Call Saul’ Series Premiere Trailer (Video)

    In about a month and a half, the first episode of the highly anticipated Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul will have its broadcast premiere on AMC. And in advance of that date, now that half the world is lounging around with nothing to do over winter break, AMC has released a 30-second trailer for […]

  • ‘Better Call Saul’: First Teaser (Video)

    ‘Better Call Saul’: First Teaser (Video)

    It would be hacky to say that Breaking Bad fans have been roaming the streets in search of their next fix for almost a year now, and AMC has finally given us a taste, knowing we’ll inevitably come back for more. And yet it’s 100% true – the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul finally […]