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  • 15 Great Gadgets for the Beach and Pool

    15 Great Gadgets for the Beach and Pool

    Heading to the beach or pool this weekend (or this afternoon) to try to beat the summer heat? Sounds like a pretty good idea. But don’t just head out empty handed, with nothing but a pair of trunks and a towel. There are lots of cool gadgets that can drastically enhance your day in the […]

  • Sprite Beach Shower (Video)

    Sprite Beach Shower (Video)

    One aspect of modern life that hasn’t been plastered with advertising (yet) is the beach shower. But the people at Sprite have found a pretty cool way around that – a beach shower that looks like a giant Sprite dispenser. They can be found on beaches in places like Brazil or Israel, and you can […]

  • 65 Embarrassing Beach Photos

    65 Embarrassing Beach Photos

    The beach is capable of providing visitors with some awfully sexy sights, but it is also capable of providing some embarrassing images as well.  Kate Upton has provided us with the former in the past.  Now we provide you with the latter.  Take a look.