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  • ‘Batman Ninja’ English Language Trailer (Video)

    ‘Batman Ninja’ English Language Trailer (Video)

    Late last year, I jumped the gun somewhat and told my presumably mostly English-reading readership about a trailer for an animated film entitled┬áBatman Ninja, with the caveat that an English language version was hopefully on the way. Now, thankfully, we do indeed have an English dubbed trailer, as well as an official plot synopsis from […]

  • ‘Batman Ninja’: Anime Batman Movie Gets Trailer (Video)

    ‘Batman Ninja’: Anime Batman Movie Gets Trailer (Video)

    One of the things that has sustained Batman for almost 80 years is his ability to be at home in seemingly any type of story: Shadowy noir, campy comedy, old-school whodunit, etc etc etc. And yet, until this point there has never been an authentic anime variation on the Batman character – until the release […]