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  • 360-Degree Tornado Video Released Online (Video)

    360-Degree Tornado Video Released Online (Video)

    Most 360-degree videos are the product of some brand trying to get in on the latest trend, and are thus art-directed and controlled in the usual manner. Barring that, they’re capturing sporting events, which are also more or less under the filmmaker’s control, at least from a televisual standpoint. But a recent 360-degree tornado video […]

  • Phone-Brella: A Hands-Free Umbrella (Video)

    Phone-Brella: A Hands-Free Umbrella (Video)

    There’s practically no limit to the ways a stiff rainstorm can cut into your productivity, but one underrated one would have to be that you can’t answer texts, check voice mail messages, or any of the other stuff you can’t do with your phone while you’re holding an umbrella. But … NO MORE, thanks to […]