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  • Norrom Aquarium: An Aesthetically Pleasing Habitat

    Norrom Aquarium: An Aesthetically Pleasing Habitat

    There’s a soft line between the aquariums and fish tanks of the world (similar to the soft line between “movies” and “films”), but the sad truth is that even your classier and more expensive aquariums still leave a lot to be desired in the home decor department. Luckily, the proud people of Sweden have come […]

  • Darwin Tank Jellyfish Aquarium

    Darwin Tank Jellyfish Aquarium

    I bet you never dreamed when you went to that sushi place at the mall that you could own a jellyfish aquarium just like they have in your very own home. But now you can, in the form of the new Darwin Tank by The Darwin Sect. The Darwin Tank, somewhat contrarily to its namesake, […]

  • The Biorb Flow Aquarium

    The Biorb Flow Aquarium

    If your workplace could use a jolt from some aquatic lifeforms, the Biorb Flow Aquarium might be a viable option for you. Unlike a lot of your nicer aquariums, the Biorb doesn’t take up much space—only 15 inches by 10 inches, so you still have room for other less important gadgets, like your computer or phone. […]