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  • Leff Brick Vintage Analog Flip Clock

    Leff Brick Vintage Analog Flip Clock

    When you see an old-fashioned flip clock in a movie or something, it’s hard not to miss the days of old-school analog mechanical action that’s been by now more or less totally replaced by silent digital technology. The people at Leff are bringing them back in a way that fits into a modern home with […]

  • Analog Voltmeter Alarm Clock

    Analog Voltmeter Alarm Clock

    If you want to experience the novelty of reading an old-fashioned analog voltmeter without the hassle of studying to be an electrician in the 1950s, the people at Awkward Engineer have got you covered with the Analog Voltmeter Alarm Clock. The Analog Voltmeter Alarm Clock is an extremely cool timepiece that displays the hours on […]