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  • Shu Takada: Check out the World Yo-Yo Champion (Video)

    Shu Takada: Check out the World Yo-Yo Champion (Video)

    Hey, it’s late Friday afternoon, which means it’s time for every working person to go as close to autopilot as they can without creating a catastrophe. That includes me, which is why I’m directing your attention to one Shu Takada, who recently took home the gold Duncan in the 2017 World Yo-Yo Championship. Shu Takada […]

  • ChihHan Chao: Yo-Yo/Diabolo Wizard (Video)

    ChihHan Chao: Yo-Yo/Diabolo Wizard (Video)

    You’d have to be beyond hope not to know what a yo-yo is, but are you familiar with the art of the diabolo? ChihHan Chao has mastered both, but its the latter that we’re concerned with here, as his latest collaboration with Kuma Films demonstrates why he’s the 2015 Red Bull PAO champion yo-yo-er. I […]