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  • Sobro Coffee Table: Music and Cold Beer Included (Video)

    Sobro Coffee Table: Music and Cold Beer Included (Video)

    Usually when you see a strange coffee table, the most entertainment value you can expect from it would come from either a well-placed coffee table book or maybe one of those executive desk toys. But the Sobro Coffee Table is like every other coffee table’s fun cousin who knows how to party, with a fridge […]

  • Weltevree Groundfridge Underground Refrigerator (Video)

    Weltevree Groundfridge Underground Refrigerator (Video)

    You may be perfectly happy with your current refrigerator, but it has a few undeniable limitations, you have to admit: For one, you can’t crawl in there and hang out, unless you have a walk-in job. ¬†And even if you do, it probably isn’t underground. Enter the Weltevree Groundfridge. The Weltevree Groundfridge has the storage […]