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  • LaMetric Customizable Smart Ticker

    LaMetric Customizable Smart Ticker

    Computers and smartphones are great, but an unfortunate byproduct of the current age is that we’re losing those cool light-up tickers that used to display information. Thankfully Smart Atoms is bringing it back with the LaMetric, a smart ticker that can display information from pretty much any source, and that’s fully customizable for whatever it […]

  • TIK: “The World’s Leanest Keychain”

    TIK: “The World’s Leanest Keychain”

    If you stop and think about it, keychains are kind of a pain. We’re just used to dealing with them because we think there’s no better way to hold all of our keys. Daniel Farkas thinks differently, and is trying to get his TIK keychain off the ground via Kickstarter. TIK is billed as “the […]

  • Castor Double-Flavored Gourmet Toothpicks (Video)

    Castor Double-Flavored Gourmet Toothpicks (Video)

    You might not have realized it yet, but reportedly toothpicks are “making a huge comeback.” That’s the word from PhoodStation, anyway, who happen to be the makers of the Castor, a new kind of toothpick for people who have grown bored with the usual thin splinter of wood that usually passes for a toothpick. The […]

  • Nomad CNC Mill by Carbide 3D

    Nomad CNC Mill by Carbide 3D

    The people at Carbide 3D wanted to split the difference between a 3D printer‘s ease of use, and a CNC mill’s versatility and accuracy. So they whipped up the Nomad, which does all of the above. And best of all, the Nomad is designed to fit comfortably on pretty much any desktop, counter top, or […]

  • Johnny Catch: A Magnetic Bottle Opener for Your Wall (Video)

    Johnny Catch: A Magnetic Bottle Opener for Your Wall (Video)

    Almost a year ago, we told you about the DropCatch, a magnetic, wall-mounted bottle opener for your house, apartment, office, or dorm (remember, underage drinkers: root beer sometimes needs a bottle opener too). Now, a new magnetic, wall-mounted bottle opener is in town, and it’s also using Kickstarter to get off the ground. It’s called […]

  • The Vanhawks Valour Connected Bike

    The Vanhawks Valour Connected Bike

    Remember that movie from a couple years ago, Premium Rush? Now, it seems like technology has advanced to the point of giving bike riders in the real world a little bit of that experience, with the unveiling of the Vanhawks Valour. The Vanhawks Valour is billed by its creators as the  “first ever connected carbon […]

  • LIX: 3D Printing Pen (Video)

    LIX: 3D Printing Pen (Video)

    3D printing is still a new technology, and one of the newest aspects of it is the idea of 3D printing pens. This gives you the freedom and convenience of drawing 3D structures with nothing more than a pen (you don’t even need paper). LIX is billed as “the smallest 3D printing pen in the […]

  • Micro 3D Printer

    Micro 3D Printer

    As the science of 3D printing becomes more advanced, it was only a matter of time before “first truly consumer 3D printer” would be born. Small, easy to use, and (relatively) affordable, the Micro brings it all home. According to the people who designed it, the Micro is simple enough for almost anyone to use, […]

  • Shortcut-S Photoshop Keyboard

    Shortcut-S Photoshop Keyboard

    Even if you’re just a novice Photoshop user, you’re probably familiar with the inherent contradiction that exists within the software’s shortcut system: They take so long to memorize and master, that they often barely qualify as shortcuts at all. That was the problem that Sorin Neica, creator of the Shortcut-S, is setting out to solve. […]

  • Sosu Barrel-Aged Sriracha

    Sosu Barrel-Aged Sriracha

    The frenzy over Sriracha continues, now that Sosu Sauces is putting it in barrels and aging it like whiskey. And when I say “like whiskey,” I mean that literally.  Sosu takes chili peppers, brown sugar, garlic, and salt, and lets the ingredients sit in a whiskey barrel for anywhere between one and three months—a process […]