• Puma Trinomic XT2 PLUS “Pool”

    Puma Trinomic XT2 PLUS “Pool”

    The Puma Trinomic PLUS XT2 has been granted a new colorway from Puma, one that is inspired by one of the best aspects of summer – and it’s called “Pool.” Just remember you’re not supposed to wear your sneakers in the pool, and everything should be fine. The “Pool” colorway of the Puma Trinomic PLUS […]

  • 9 Awesome DIY Hot Tubs

    9 Awesome DIY Hot Tubs

    Back in the pioneer days, our forefathers carved what would become the towns and cities of America out of the bare rock and dirt, using nothing but their wits and their brawn to forge an entire civilization out of the naked landscape. You can carry on that tradition by building your own hot tub. To […]

  • 9 Best July 4th Fireworks Displays

    9 Best July 4th Fireworks Displays

    There are many reasons that the Fourth of July is an underrated holiday. There’s the fact that you usually get at least one day off out of it (if you’re lucky), and maybe a barbecue or two. But hopefully you’re not too much of a jaded, hardened husk of a person to enjoy a good […]

  • Google Cardboard: DIY Virtural Reality (Video)

    Google Cardboard: DIY Virtural Reality (Video)

    At first I thought Google Cardboard was a leftover April Fool’s Day prank, but it’s actually very real. Basically, it’s a cardboard enclosure that anyone can (supposedly) make for themselves that works in conjunction with your smartphone and a free Google app that gives you a virtual reality experience that doesn’t require any fancy or […]

  • Artist Imagines ‘Pizza Bed’ Concept

    Artist Imagines ‘Pizza Bed’ Concept

    Sure, you love pizza, but do you love pizza so much that you want to sleep with it? If so, you’ll probably be excited to learn about the concept from artist Claire Manganiello that she calls Pizza Bed. As you can see above, Pizza Bed is a bed spread that looks so realistically like the […]

  • Vans Classics “Xtuff” Sk8-Hi Reissue Pack

    Vans Classics “Xtuff” Sk8-Hi Reissue Pack

    A new pack of Sk8-Hi Reissues is here courtesy of the people at Vans Classics, wrapped in a reinforced canvas known as “Xtuff.” The Xtuff treatment is supposed to make both of these new Sk8-Hi Reissue colorways more durable than their older counterparts, while remaining as stylish as they ever were. Those two colorways are […]

  • Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo

    Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo

    Life was never easy for Aereo, the company that allowed users to stream broadcast TV over the air from small antennas that they leased from far away. Now, the Supreme Court has ruled against them in their fight against the big broadcast networks, and the jig would appear to be up for what was a […]

  • Artists Recreate ‘They Live’ In Downtown LA (Photos)

    Artists Recreate ‘They Live’ In Downtown LA (Photos)

    If you were wandering around downtown Los Angeles recently and saw a scary-looking creature wearing a business suit and talking into his watch, don’t be alarmed, it’s just an alien invasion. Or an artistic recreation of one, anyway—specifically, a recreation of the one depicted in the 1988 John Carpenter film They Live from artists Stephen […]

  • Miranda Kerr Poses for ‘Elle’ Spain (Photos and Video)

    Miranda Kerr Poses for ‘Elle’ Spain (Photos and Video)

    The Spanish edition of Elle magazine has snagged a photo spread featuring the one and only Miranda Kerr, and best of all, it’s just a little bit NSFW. The model was photographed by Xavi Gordo for the magazine’s May 2014 issue, which has been out for a while now. In case your subscription to Elle […]