• Savioke SaviOne Service Robot (Video)

    Savioke SaviOne Service Robot (Video)

    It wasn’t that long ago that I was writing up Jibo, a “robot friend” designed for home use. Now, I bring you the Savioke SaviOne, a robot designed not for the home but for hotels.  It’s a robotic butler that’s designed to deliver guests things like towels, toothbrushes, and any other assorted odds and ends […]

  • Humin: Make Your Contacts Smarter

    Humin: Make Your Contacts Smarter

    It’s a common enough problem: You’re trying to find someone in your iPhone contacts, but you just can’t remember the person’s name. Unfortunately, under the phone’s default settings, you’re pretty much out of luck unless you feel like sifting through hundreds or even thousands of contacts and hoping that something catches your memory. But Humin […]

  • ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Release Official Trailer (Video)

    ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Release Official Trailer (Video)

    It’s been about 2600 years since the Book of Exodus was written, which means it’s finally in the public domain so Hollywood can make a movie out of it. The result is Exodus: Gods and Kings starring Christian Bale, Sigourney Weaver, Aaron Paul, and other white people walking like Egyptians. Exodus: Gods and Kings has […]

  • Reebok Pump Blacktop Battleground “Chicago”

    Reebok Pump Blacktop Battleground “Chicago”

    The Pump Blacktop Battleground is a go-to for Reebok this year, particularly as we get closer to the fall and winter seasons of 2014. The latest colorway of the sneaker to be unveiled is a tribute to Chicago, and (implicitly of course) the basketball team that calls it home. The Reebok Pump Blacktop Battleground “Chicago” […]

  • 9 Fast Food Items Due For A Comeback

    9 Fast Food Items Due For A Comeback

    As I write this, the famous BK Chicken Fries have made a comeback (on a temporary basis) to participating Burger Kings. This got me thinking – what are some other dearly departed fast food items that are due for a comeback? Here are nine, from the beloved to the, uh, less so, but all of […]

  • Mr Lyan’s Bonfire Old Fashioned

    Mr Lyan’s Bonfire Old Fashioned

    The Old Fashioned is one of those cocktails that every bartender knows how to make, but not all civilians are well-versed in the art anymore. But even the dumbest classy drinker can enjoy an Old Fashioned in the comfort of their own home thanks to Mr Lyan’s Bonfire Old Fashioned, which encases the classic cocktail […]

  • Stussy Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook Shot In Cuba (Photos)

    Stussy Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook Shot In Cuba (Photos)

      Apparently someone forgot to tell the fashion police about the Cuba embargo, because Stussy traveled there for its fall/winter 2014 lookbook. Or, more accurately, photographer Francesco Giusti traveled there on Stussy’s behalf to capture some pretty great images of people in Cuba wearing the new Stussy styles. The images are in stark, Soy Cuba […]

  • Emberlight: Turn Any Light Bulb Smart

    Emberlight: Turn Any Light Bulb Smart

    Smart light bulbs are pretty big right now, and as technology grows they will only get more popular. But the makers of Emberlight have a different solution for those who crave more energy efficient lighting: Emberlight, an accessory which attaches to any dimmable light bulb and turns it into a smart bulb. Emberlight fits in […]

  • Burger King Chicken Fries Return

    Burger King Chicken Fries Return

    If you were ever inside a Burger King between the years 2005 and 2012, it’s possible you’ve sampled the wonders of BK Chicken Fries. True to their name, these are thin, fried strips of chicken, designed to combine the deliciousness of fast food chicken with the convenience and ease of fast food fries. And now, […]

  • Nike “Solar Summer” QS Pack

    Nike “Solar Summer” QS Pack

    Fans of comfortable summer footwear could do worse than heading over to their nearest select retailer this weekend, when the new “Solar Summer” quickstrike collection is set to drop from Nike. Made up of the Solarsoft Moccasin and the new Solarsoft Zig Zag, both of the new shoes sport new uppers with digital, seasonally appropriate […]