• Leather Wall Pocket From Tasche

    Leather Wall Pocket From Tasche

    The standard spot for magazines or other magazine-sized objects in a home or office is on the table—a coffee table perhaps, or maybe some other kind of table or desk. Tasche is a brand that has a new solution to the problem of where to put all your extra magazines and whatnot; a Leather Wall […]

  • Word. Notebooks Firework Series

    Word. Notebooks Firework Series

    If you missed out on watching fireworks this Fourth of July weekend, or if you’re still jonesing for more, the people at Word. Notebooks have a new collection that will satisfy your explosive urges while filling the practical purpose that creative types use notebooks for. It’s the Word. Notebooks Firework Series. The Word. Notebooks Firework […]

  • Timahawk Survival Multi-Tool

    Timahawk Survival Multi-Tool

    It’s a good thing that survival expert Tim Ralston’s parents gave him the name “Tim” and not “Joe” or “Steve” or “Dick,” because if they had gone with anything other than Tim or Tom, we wouldn’t have the Timahawk, a survivalist multi-tool that packs an incredible number of functions into a single bladed instrument. The […]

  • Here One Smart Earbuds

    Here One Smart Earbuds

    If you’re walking around with earbuds crammed in your ears most of the time, you may have at some time or another wished they could do more than just play audio from a connected device (maybe? Possibly??). If so, you may be interested in a pair of Here One smart earbuds, which pack a lot […]

  • ‘Citadel': Massive K’NEX Ball Machine Unveiled (Video)

    ‘Citadel': Massive K’NEX Ball Machine Unveiled (Video)

    Sight unseen, I would probably assume that naming something you made out of K’NEX, “Citadel,” was a little bit pretentious. But now that I’ve watched the 15-minute showcase for this massive K’NEX structure, I actually think the title could stand to be fancied up a little – Crystal K’Nex Palace, maybe, or Dr. Manhattan’s K’NEX […]

  • MOBOT: “The World’s First Foam Roller Water Bottle”

    MOBOT: “The World’s First Foam Roller Water Bottle”

    Water bottles are great for carrying water, and for drinking, but if for some reason you’ve ever tried to use one to massage your aching muscles, you know how inadequate they can be in that regard. Now, there’s MOBOT, a combination water bottle and foam roller massager that seeks to be an indispensable part of […]

  • Albert Brooks: All of Comedian’s Films Added to Netflix

    Albert Brooks: All of Comedian’s Films Added to Netflix

    In case you were enjoying your Fourth of July/Canada Day double header in a drunken stupor, you may not have heard some exciting news for comedy fans and Netflix subscribers. If not, we’re pleased to inform you that all of the movies directed by Albert Brooks (who the general public best knows for his work as […]

  • ‘Sully': Movie About Heroic Pilot Gets Trailer (Video)

    ‘Sully': Movie About Heroic Pilot Gets Trailer (Video)

    We all remember Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger, who heroically made an emergency landing on the Hudson River back in 2009. Now, it’s somehow a movie.  And not some cheap low-budget affair either, but a big studio picture directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks. Now, a trailer for Sully has hit the internet. I’m […]