• The Farewell: Blue Burgers from colette and Blend

    The Farewell: Blue Burgers from colette and Blend

    This December, lowercase fashion retailer colette is shutting ‘er down for good. As a fond farewell, there are a lot of different projects planned, but one of the most interesting would be the blue colette burgers that have been whipped up by colette and French fast food chain Blend. The sandwich, in both its varieties, […]

  • ‘Gotti': Travolta, John Plays the Teflon Don (Trailer)

    ‘Gotti': Travolta, John Plays the Teflon Don (Trailer)

    The world needs another mob movie like a hole in the head, but somehow the appeal of John Travolta stepping into the role of real-life mafioso John Gotti seems strong enough to outweigh that bit of market saturation. Luckily, you can judge for yourself, at least to the extent that one can make a judgement […]

  • Mars Science City: Mars-Simulation City in the UAE

    Mars Science City: Mars-Simulation City in the UAE

    The United Arab Emirates has its eyes on Mars for a new project that will cost more than $136 million. It’s called Mars Science City, and the goal of the project is to simulate life on Mars for an unspecified number of individuals who will be participating in the biggest space-simulation project ever constructed. HH […]

  • “Conan Drives With Tom Cruise” (Video)

    “Conan Drives With Tom Cruise” (Video)

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, but approximately 50 percent of celebrity interviews now take place while the interviewer is driving. There’s “Carpool Karaoke,” Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and myriad other automotive interviewers all over the internet. Conan O’Brien noticed it, and he attempted to capitalize on this trend with special […]

  • ‘Batman vs IT’ Fan-Made Trailer (Video)

    ‘Batman vs IT’ Fan-Made Trailer (Video)

    Oh no, Pennywise, the killer clown and embodiment of every childhood fear, is attacking the town of Derry, Maine once again. Quick, who is someone who has experience fighting evil clowns? Why of course, Batman – and now you know the basic idea behind the fan-made Batman vs IT trailer. The Batman in question here […]

  • Netflix In-Flight Entertainment Coming in Soon

    Netflix In-Flight Entertainment Coming in Soon

    When I fly, I like to read. But most people prefer to watch movies or TV shows on board, and now Netflix has announced it’s going to get into the in-flight entertainment business. Honestly, it’s a wonder that it’s taken this long for Netflix in-flight entertainment to come along. If you think about it, in-flight […]

  • Ecobranding: Ink-Saving Alternative Logos

    Ecobranding: Ink-Saving Alternative Logos

    Conservation is an important thing, and in the corporate world a little bit of conservation can have exponential effects. A new project seeks to encourage corporations to save in an unexpected place: Ink. It’s called Ecobranding. Ecobranding is billed as “a more ecological branding design, a new approach to the brand design process,” and the […]