• Breitling Avenger Blackbird Watch

    Breitling Avenger Blackbird Watch

    New from watchmaker Breitling, it’s a watch that’s designed for maximum stylishness and durability. The Breitling Avenger Blackbird comes in an all-black titanium casing that Breitling says can withstand pretty much anything that could be thrown at it—an appropriate design principle given that “Avenger Blackbird” kind of sounds like a superhero. That black paint job […]

  • ‘Dreamball: Bob Burnquist’ Video From Hurley (Video)

    ‘Dreamball: Bob Burnquist’ Video From Hurley (Video)

    Clothing brand Hurley is currently trying to get the word out on their “Phantom Brasil National Team” collection, and to do so they’ve enlisted the help of soccer fan Bob Burnquist. The result is a pretty cool video titled Dreamball: Bob Burnquist, and it shows Bob doing some pretty impressive stuff both with his usual […]

  • Amazon Unveils the Fire Phone (Video)

    Amazon Unveils the Fire Phone (Video)

    It wasn’t that long ago that Amazon introduced the Fire TV.  And now they’re continuing the excursion into unexplored tech territories with the Amazon Fire Phone, a smartphone that’s packed with attention-grabbing features, many of which seem designed to keep users buying stuff from Amazon. Those features include Firefly, which is a kind of Shazam […]

  • Ekocycle Cube: 3D Printing With Recycled Materials (Video)

    Ekocycle Cube: 3D Printing With Recycled Materials (Video)

    You’ve probably seen those ads featuring and Coca-Cola that are all about recycling old stuff to make new stuff. Now, the two are partnering with 3D Systems to make that idea literal with the Ekocycle Cube, a 3D printer that will use recycled plastic bottles for its printing materials. When I first read about […]

  • Nixon Supertide (Photos and Video)

    Nixon Supertide (Photos and Video)

    New from Nixon, it’s the Supertide, a watch that does a lot more than tell you what time it is. It’s loaded with tidal information based on more than 270 surf-friendly areas. That pre-programmed data is at the user’s fingertips and visible on the Supertide’s high-resolution screen. The Nixon Supertide doesn’t get its information from […]

  • 9 Great Parking Apps for Your Daily Commute

    9 Great Parking Apps for Your Daily Commute

    Did you know that the average human spends approximately 12 years of his or her life looking for a parking space? No? That’s because I just made it up. But I do know that looking for parking is a hassle, especially if you don’t have designated parking at your job every day. So here are […]

  • LaMetric Customizable Smart Ticker

    LaMetric Customizable Smart Ticker

    Computers and smartphones are great, but an unfortunate byproduct of the current age is that we’re losing those cool light-up tickers that used to display information. Thankfully Smart Atoms is bringing it back with the LaMetric, a smart ticker that can display information from pretty much any source, and that’s fully customizable for whatever it […]

  • Norrlands Guld JamCooler

    Norrlands Guld JamCooler

      Norrlands Guld is a popular beer brand in Sweden.  And although we have enough beer brands to worry about, they’re of interest to us because of their recent collaboration with JamCooler for a specially branded party cooler. The Norrlands Guld JamCooler has some noteworthy specs, like its 600-watt speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and battery that […]

  • Nike Basketball Launching New KD 7 With Live Event (Video)

    Nike Basketball Launching New KD 7 With Live Event (Video)

    Fans of sneakers and Nike are probably used to elaborate roll-outs of the most anticipated products by now, but even given that, the new announcement from Nike Basketball is a little bit of a surprise. The next Kevin Durant signature sneaker, the KD 7, will be unveiled in a live streaming video event on Wednesday, […]

  • Frozen Beer Slushie Maker by Kirin Ichiban (Video)

    Frozen Beer Slushie Maker by Kirin Ichiban (Video)

    Over in Japan, they’ve come up with a cool way to keep beer cold longer than normal, even in the face of sweltering summer temperatures. And you can actually try it yourself, if you get a product by the slightly misleading name of the Frozen Beer Slushie Maker from Kirin Ichiban. Contrary to what you […]