• Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Russia

    Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Russia

    It’s been ten years since legendary automaker Ferrari first set up shop in Russia, and the brand is now collaborating with Hublot, which is commemorating that milestone in their own distinctive way: with a special edition Big Bang Ferrari timepiece. It’s called the Big Bang Ferrari Russia, and it’s another classy addition to the Big Bang […]

  • “Money Manziel” T-Shirt by Nike

    “Money Manziel” T-Shirt by Nike

    The current universally recognized nickname for Johnny Manziel is “Johnny Football” (attempts to change it via the power of hip-hop notwithstanding), but Nike is working on popularizing another moniker for their recently signed star via t-shirt, and it’s one that might fit his public persona a little better than the old one. It’s “Money Manziel,” the […]

  • Gisele Bündchen Goes Nude for ‘Lui’ (Photos)

    Gisele Bündchen Goes Nude for ‘Lui’ (Photos)

      Whoever runs Lui must have really effective powers of persuasion, since they’re able to convince lots of big names to take off their clothes for the magazine. The latest is model Gisele Bündchen, who appears nude on the cover of the latest issue of the magazine. The nudity featured on Gisele Bündchen’s latest Lui […]

  • Chilean Miners Star in New Ad for World Cup Team (Video)

    Chilean Miners Star in New Ad for World Cup Team (Video)

    Remember those 33 Chilean miners who were trapped under the ground for 69 days before being rescued? It turns out that they’re soccer fans, and they have a message for the players representing Chile in the 2014 FIFA World Cup next month. The message is … in Spanish, but the general gist of it is […]

  • BWGH for Puma Summer 2014 Footwear Collection (Photos)

    BWGH for Puma Summer 2014 Footwear Collection (Photos)

    The new collaboration between Brooklyn We Go Hard and Puma will be hitting select retailers this summer, and a decent number of images of the footwear have hit the internet. The summer 2014 BWGH for Puma collection includes leather, mesh, suede, and nubuck as the components for new versions of the XS850 and XS698 model […]

  • Bentley Releases SUV Teaser (Video)

    Bentley Releases SUV Teaser (Video)

    Automaker Bentley had been teasing the public with hints of their first entry into the world of SUVs earlier this year, and now we have more concrete proof that such a thing is actually happening. Full details are a long way off, as the Bentley SUV (we don’t even have a name for it apart […]

  • Guy Aroch Makes Thigh Gap-Themed Video Called “The Magic Gap”

    Guy Aroch Makes Thigh Gap-Themed Video Called “The Magic Gap”

    The concept of the thigh gap is one of the most bizarre aspects of our culture’s obsession with female images. It’s also one of the most controversial, which is what made it an interesting subject for fashion photographer Guy Aroch. Aroch is taking part in a weekly series from luxury website Nowness called #DefineBeauty with […]

  • 9 New High-Tech Fishing Accessories for 2014

    9 New High-Tech Fishing Accessories for 2014

    The makers of fishing accessories have it pretty good in this world, because a large percentage of fishing enthusiasts have an unquenchable desire for new gadgets, gimmicks, and doodads to help them in their fishing adventures. At least that seems to be the case given the army of new products that come out every year. […]

  • MSC Cruises “Seaside” Prototype Ship

    MSC Cruises “Seaside” Prototype Ship

    Good news for people who are interested in big steps forward for cruise ships. The “Seaside” cruise ship prototype is a product of MSC Cruises and Italian shipyard Fincantieri, and it’s scheduled to be turned into two actual working vessels in the fall of 2017 and 2018. Each of the two “Seaside” ships will cost […]