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  • Beertop Delta: A Bottle Opener and Spinning Top

    Beertop Delta: A Bottle Opener and Spinning Top

    Most of the time if you see a gadget with a bottle opener attached, it’s aiming to combine two practical tools into one handy implement. But as the makers of the Beertop Delta themselves put it, “what’s life without whimsy?” It’s a question to which “a life without a bottle opener/spinning top” is a possible answer. The Beertop […]

  • LYFE Zero-Gravity Plant Growing System

    LYFE Zero-Gravity Plant Growing System

    You may remember FLYTE, the levitating light that gives the traditional bulb a zero-gravity spin. Now, the same people that developed FLYTE have come up with LYFE, a plant-growing system that uses the exact same technology for gardening rather than illumination. LYFE is basically a geometric gardening pot that uses magnets to hover above its […]

  • Send a Custom Penis Drawing to Anyone Send a Custom Penis Drawing to Anyone

    When the internet was first invented back in the early days of computing, it was thought to hold nearly limitless potential for the human race as a whole. Now, finally, that potential has been realized, with, with apologies to the iconic Saturday Night Live sketch, allows users to send a custom penis drawing […]

  • Nepsu Triangle: “The Most Convenient Hi-Fi Speaker”

    Nepsu Triangle: “The Most Convenient Hi-Fi Speaker”

    Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine dated an artist who specialized in triangles? There, the triangle had a reputation of utter uselessness, but now the Nepsu Triangle is bringing the world’s coolest shape into a more functional, useful realm: Home audio. Billed as “the most convenient hi-fi speaker,” the Nepsu Triangle is designed to […]

  • 45 Record Case by De Jong & Co.

    45 Record Case by De Jong & Co.

    Record storage isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to spend money on, which is why most of us make do with cheap shelving or that old standby, the cardboard box. But De Jong & Co. have designed a 45 Record Case that makes a pretty good argument for putting a high premium on […]

  • “Photographing the Real Barack Obama” (Photos)

    “Photographing the Real Barack Obama” (Photos)

    White House photographer Pete Souza has been the official presidential photographer for multiple presidents, and he recently released a big batch of his work for the current one in a retrospective for The Guardian called “Photographing the Real Barack Obama.” “Photographing the Real Barack Obama” is made up of photographs from all eight years of […]

  • TIMBER Trail Awareness Mountain Bike Bell

    TIMBER Trail Awareness Mountain Bike Bell

    Bike bells are an essential part of any safe bicyclist‘s bike setup, but in high-pressure situations it might be a bit of a stretch to have to remember to ring the bell and get out of the way of whatever’s obstructing your path. The TIMBER Trail Awareness Mountain Bike Bell is a completely hands-free bike […]

  • LUNO EGB2 Record Console/Minibar

    LUNO EGB2 Record Console/Minibar

    For the modern swinging single hipster in the city, a single cabinet that holds both your record collection and a set of whiskey glasses is a dream come true. So I guess it follows that the LUNO EGB2 is, in that sense, a dream come true. The LUNO EGB2 is primarily a record console, with […]

  • Pakayak: “The Ultimate Packable Kayak”

    Pakayak: “The Ultimate Packable Kayak”

    Laptop: Packable. Pringles: Packable. Smartphone: Eminently packable. Kayak: Not packable. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the Pakayak, which isn’t some hot new Indian fusion dish, but instead “the ultimate packable kayak” that you can take with you almost anywhere. The Pakayak is a standard-size craft 14 feet in length, but unlike a normal kayak […]

  • COSMOS Constellation Clock Speaker (Video)

    COSMOS Constellation Clock Speaker (Video)

    Stargazing is great, but no healthy, functional person is going to spend as much time as they would like staring up into space. The COSMOS Constellation Clock Speaker brings a tiny sliver of the cosmos into your bedroom, and provides light and music to boot. The COSMOS Constellation Clock Speaker’s face is dotted with all […]