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  • Snow Peak Stacking Shelf Containers

    Snow Peak Stacking Shelf Containers

    As the great George Carlin put it, we all need a place to put our stuff. And there are almost as many stuff-storage solutions as there are pieces of stuff to put inside them, but the new Stacking Shelf Containers from Snow Peak manage to set themselves apart from the pack anyway. Snow Peak’s Stacking […]

  • 9 Things We Know About Google’s Project Wing

    9 Things We Know About Google’s Project Wing

    Yesterday, Google announced the latest phase of their ongoing plan to conquer the planet. It’s Project Wing, an experimental delivery system that works through the use of drones flying through the air. If that sounds familiar, it’s because we know that Amazon is also working on a similar idea. It’s a little bit crazy to […]

  • Google Unveils Project Wing Air Drone Delivery System (Video)

    Google Unveils Project Wing Air Drone Delivery System (Video)

    In case you thought Amazon was alone in working on a system for automated high-speed air delivery, Google recently unveiled Project Wing, their own entry into the field. Unlike Amazon’s automated delivery service, Google’s Project Wing was developed mostly with emergency supplies (like food, water, or medicine) in mind. In fact, the project originated as […]

  • Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

    Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

    The smartwatch revolution continues with another piece of impressive wearable hardware from Samsung. This one is called the Gear S, and it’s giving the still-only-a-rumor Apple iWatch a run for its money right out of the gate. The Samsung Gear S will come outfitted with a 3G modem (the first smartwatch to do so), and […]

  • Automatic: A Smart Driving Assistant (Video)

    Automatic: A Smart Driving Assistant (Video)

    Some people don’t realize it, but there are a ton of big and little things we could probably be doing better in the interest of keeping our cars running well and cheaply. In fact, many drivers could probably use a little man in the passenger seat telling them what to do, and Automatic is a […]

  • LightMode Electroluminescent Motorcycle Helmets

    LightMode Electroluminescent Motorcycle Helmets

    Riding a motorcycle is always a little bit dangerous (that’s what makes it so cool), and driving at night is exponentially more so. But there are ways to cut down on the danger and amp up the cool factor simultaneously, impossible as that might sound. One of those ways is LightMode, a new line of […]

  • Hyperlapse: Instagram App for Time-Lapse Videos

    Hyperlapse: Instagram App for Time-Lapse Videos

    Everybody loves time-lapse photography, but before recently the effect was difficult for the average, non-professional photographer to achieve without spending a lot of money and, uh, time. Now, thanks to Hyperlapse from Instagram, anybody with an iPhone can get cool time-lapse videos—they still need time in order to do it, though. Hyperlapse also includes some […]

  • Casio EX-FR10 Action Camera

    Casio EX-FR10 Action Camera

    I guess everyone has plenty of action in their lives that’s worth recording, because the market for action cameras in the vein of the GoPro is exploding. Newest to the block is Casio, which recently unveiled their entry into the action camera game, the wearable (not to mention detachable) EX-FR10. The most notable distinguishing feature […]

  • Army Survival App

    Army Survival App

    The United States Army is now in the app development business, with the release of Army Survival, a mobile app for would-be adventurers all over the world (not just in the US, which I guess is a nice step towards global unity). Army Survival is an app based on the U.S. Army Field Manual 21-76, […]