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  • Murder Suspect Asked Siri for Help Hiding Body

    Murder Suspect Asked Siri for Help Hiding Body

    Here’s a piece of tech news that you will hopefully never have any use for. Apparently the iPhone’s famous Siri can help you hide a dead body. Murder suspect Pedro Bravo learned this after he allegedly strangled his roommate and then, according to prosecutors, told Siri “I need to hide my roommate.” Siri, apparently aware […]

  • 9 Things You Need To Know About Google Cardboard

    9 Things You Need To Know About Google Cardboard

    A few weeks ago, Google announced their latest piece of tech hardware. But instead of being a cutting-edge, high-tech gadget, it was a simple piece of cardboard that the user is supposed to make him or herself, provided they have the necessary items. It’s called Google Cardboard, and it takes the normally exclusive club of […]

  • The HP-01: A Smartwatch From 1977 (Photos)

    The HP-01: A Smartwatch From 1977 (Photos)

    We’re in the midst of the very early stages of the smartwatch era, but it’s recently become known that that era actually began almost 40 years ago. It’s the HP-01, developed by engineers at Hewlett-Packard, and an exclusive prototype of the never-released watch is now on eBay. The HP-01 has an incredible array of features […]

  • Polaroid Cube Camera (Video)

    Polaroid Cube Camera (Video)

    New from Polaroid, it’s a “lifestyle action camera” that’s designed to be like the quirky version of a GoPro. It’s the Polaroid Cube, a small cube-shaped camera with a magnet attached to the bottom so it can stick to myriad metal surfaces while it takes the photos you can’t get with a normal camera or […]

  • FoldPot: The Plant Pot That Grows With The Plant

    FoldPot: The Plant Pot That Grows With The Plant

    You put a plant in a pot, then the plant grew too big for the size of the pot, so you have to get a new pot. As horrifying as this sounds, it or something like it happens approximately 415 times every day.* Which is why the FoldPot is such a godsend for anyone who […]

  • ‘National Geographic Traveler’ Photography Contest Winners (Photos)

    ‘National Geographic Traveler’ Photography Contest Winners (Photos)

      The 2014 National Geographic Traveler photography contest winners have been announced, and as you’ll soon see (if you haven’t already), they’re a very strong bunch of photos. The first place award went to “Independence Day,” and it’s unquestionably the best of the bunch, showing a supercell storm in Colorado from a seemingly impossible vantage […]

  • Yardstash III Storage Tent

    Yardstash III Storage Tent

    There’s something vaguely ominous about the phrase “storage tent.”  It brings to mind some kind of hastily-erected government installation like the one at the end of the movie ET. So maybe it would be better if you just called it a Yardstash. The Yardstash III is a 74-inch wide, 65-inch tall, and 30-inch deep storage […]

  • DSPTCH Pencil Cases

    DSPTCH Pencil Cases

    I was just thinking the other night how even though I barely ever use a pen or a pencil these days, it would be nice if I got organized and kept some in one place so I could find them easily on the rare occasions that I do need one. So maybe I should get […]

  • Timex Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch (Video)

    Timex Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch (Video)

    The Timex Ironman line of watches is about as far as you can get from the modern smartwatch (at least while staying digital), but the brand is back with a smartwatch that actually boasts a pretty novel selling point: It doesn’t require a smartphone to work. That means the Timex Ironman One GPS+ can store […]

  • Velo Sock Bike Cover (Video)

    Velo Sock Bike Cover (Video)

    If you’re looking for a novel way to protect your bicycle from the elements and other potentially damaging forces while you’re not riding it, the Velo Sock is right up your alley. It also serves the possibly more important purpose of protecting the inside of your house or apartment from whatever muck you normally track […]